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I-45 Julius Schepps Freeway
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Looking northbound near Pennsylvania St, Oct 20, 2007

Named for Julius Schepps (1895-1971)
Civic leader who focused on park improvement
Schepps was a successful businessman in the wholesale liquor, insurance, and bakery industries, but is not associated with the present-day Schepps dairy products
Named by Dallas City Council, Dec 31, 1973
Freeway Complete Feb 25, 1976
Former Designation US 75 (south of I-20)
Quick Info I-45 was the last radial freeway connecting into downtown Dallas on its completion in 1976. Between I-20 and downtown, the freeway benefits from relatively modern design standards but is on a narrow right-of-way between the Trinity River and downtown due to controversy over neighborhood impacts during planning in the early 1970s. In fact, this was the first freeway in Dallas to sustain a vocal controversy about its construction and impact. South of I-20, I-45 was one of the first freeways in the regional DFW system, and has recently been recontructed and widened all the way to Corsicana. Southeast Dallas is generally low-income, sparsely developed and semi-rural, so traffic congestion on I-45 is comparatively low.

The complete history of Interstate 45 will be added in the future.